1 Major Challenge Why Some Youths have not Start Any Business and a Possible Way to Prevent it

Venturing into business happens to be one of the dreams of some youths if not even many. The advantages of owning a business cannot be overemphasised that is why there are youths who have business plans. For Nigerian youths, one of the advantages of doing business is that you can have a means of earning even if you couldn’t secure a job. As the rate of youth’s unemployment in Nigeria is high, business turns out to be one of the ways out of idleness but there is one thing that has become a challenge or a hinderance to them. We will explain what this challenge is and how youths can prevent it.


Start-up Money or Capital

Capital happened to be one of the challenges of many start-ups today. The issue of getting the required or enough to venture a business has and is still keeping many from realising their plans. Even though there are some grants given to youths for their ideas to be established, those opportunities are very competitive and selective. You will find that most of such grants have specific type of areas they fund and the generic ones fund the very best of applications submitted. This is not to judge or criticise these funders rather to evaluate options of obtaining capital for your business. It is agreeable that financing your business as a start-up is one of your biggest or major challenge. It is not that you want to be dependent on somebody always, it is because you are struggling to put the funds together.


A Possible Way out

As you hope to get funding for your business, the wise thing is to start no matter how small the capital you have is because it also increases your potential of getting more funds to expand. Do not belittled the small amount you have at the moment, just start from your home even though what you planned is big. It will be easier for you to convince someone to invest in your business when you have something to show as your prove of capability.


But if you have no money at all, just find a place that will hire you to do something for them. Just go find anything legal even if is not in line with what you want or like. It is not the final bus stop for you, it is a strategy to get some money which you can start another little something that can also lead you to start another thing better. This organisation has big, very big goal we want to achieve but at the moment creating contents is the most thing we do because it is what we can afford and we urge you too to start something you can afford just for the moment before you can venture into your heart desire.

1 Major Challenge Why Some Youths have not Start Any Business and a Possible Way to Prevent it

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