5 Ways to Distinguish and Make Your Product (what you sell) Unique

Today’s market is where there are a lot of products which leaves a buyer with so many options to select from. As a result, products that are not made unique have a low tendency of getting noticed or even purchased in the market. This post talks about 5 ways you can make what you sell buyable always. This strategy will secure you constant patronage and a market to thrive in.


Every business has a product and the product must attracts patronage to make profit. When a product is common in the market, e.g. soap, clothes, shoes, the way to make it thrive is distinguishing and making it unique. Some ways to do so are:

  1. Make it a brand. When you go to market to buy a product that has many of its kind and find one with a name, logo, attractive package, brief description, expiry date and the other same product tied in a nylon which one will you buy? Obviously the branded one. Brand gives identity to your product and makes it easy for your customer to identify what they want when they go to purchase it.
  2. Make the product specifically for one or two categories of customers. A strategic way businesses flourish their product is through targeting a specific audience. When the tooth paste Colgate was introduced to the market, it was specifically to prevent cavities. This made their customers only those who want to cure or prevent their tooth from cavity and this strategy made the product thrived in the midst of other similar products. Had it been it was not targeted at a specific function or audiences, had it been it was just another general type of tooth paste, it chances of getting accepted in the market would have been slim.
  3. Make it to the exact taste of your specified customers. Base on who your customers are is how you will package and present your product. If it’s a children’s product, make it attractive to children. If it’s for nurses make it attractive to them as well.
  4. Make it the first of its kind. Do you ask why all seasonings are called Maggi? Or do you wonder why all detergents are called Omo? Many products that have competitions in the market are been addressed with the name of the first of its kind because it’s the first that always sticks and people hold on to. Even if you are not introducing a whole new product to the market, device a way to make the product different from what already existed.
  5. Let its quality speak for itself. A roommate of mine once had a quarrel with her close friend because she was not happy that the friend brought a different thing from what she ordered online. My roommate said that what they said the product does was a lie and that it was too small compare to what she saw on her status. Whatever kind of product you sell, let it be qualitative and serve your customer or else you will be left to buy them yourself.


These 5 strategies are not the only way to make what you sell noticeable and patronized by customers. There are other ways to make it happen so, continue to learn and incorporate them as you grow your business.

5 Ways to Distinguish and Make Your Product (what you sell) Unique

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