6 Necessary things to include in your budget

Your business cannot be sustained properly without a budget. It is a budget that will help you separate your income into set of groups of what you should do with the money you earned. Below are some examples of groups you can classify your money in a budget.


  1. Needed things to buy: The necessary things that you must buy for yourself and your business e.g. materials to make or produce what you sell, food and other thing you need for your upkeep.
  2. What you want to buy: This are set of lists your business and you can actually survive without them. They are things you desire to buy and not buying them at the moment would not result to a problem. After you are done with your budget, you can decide to put the remaining money into this group (your wants.)
  3. Contributing for something: This is the money you are putting away for something maybe to buy a plot of land or a new equipment for your business.
  4. Savings: This is the money you are keeping for what is not yet identified. Most times saving is done to learn the act of putting away some amount of each money you earn at the end of every sale or the money you get. Savings is one of the must things to include in a budget because the money you save will also save you in return.
  5. Paying or repaying: This money is the type you take away to pay for something you bought on credit or to repay money you borrowed.
  6. Investing: This is the money you put into another business to generate another stream of income for you.


These are some of the necessary things to group your money into when you are making a budget. You should write it as a list, draw it like a chart etc. just do what you can interpret and make adjustments when the need arises.

6 Necessary things to include in your budget

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