One of the things you should do for your business to get sponsorship, grants or donations

Funding a business is one of the challenges of small businesses and start-ups that is why we should look for ways to attract the government and potential sponsors to help out. But how? In this episode you will know one of the ways you can convince somebody to finance your business. You can also check our episode on 1 Major Challenge Why Some Youths have not Start Any Business and a Possible Way to Prevent it so that you get more hint on how you can increase your chances of getting sponsored.


As a business owner who really mean to succeed and thrive, you should try and get registered. Getting your business is one of the great moves that put you in front of the list of interested grantors. For some businesses, corporation is a must before it starts any operation e.g. table water business but it is not so with a lot of businesses. However, it is advantageous for a business to get registered when it starts operations so as to make way for the benefits that comes with it.


Corporation means to make your business a group regarded as individual by law. A company recognized by law as a single body with its own powers and liabilities, separate from those of the individual members. The importance of a corporation cannot be overemphasised. A business will be more trusted by its customers, it can register for insurance, have a corporate bank account, apply for government grants or loans etc. Last year I got a government grant that I would not have got if I had not registered my business. Even individuals who will be interested in sponsoring or donating to what you are doing would get discouraged when they realized that you are not recognized by the required body of your kind of business. Corporate Affairs Commission CAC is saddled with the responsibility of registering businesses and most of businesses need only CAC’s certificate for their businesses except for those that are into financing, food, health that need other certificates. When you are ready to register with CAC, go to their office for further instructions. Also, make inquiries regarding your kind of business to know if you need to get registered elsewhere.


So, this is it for this episode. You need funding for your business or idea, the thing is you should make a little move first. Start something and obtain legal recognition and you will be glad you did. Hustler, it’s not easy but giving up is forbidden! If you cannot do it, if you cannot pull through, you would not be here reading this post. The fact that you are looking up tips and information’s to improve your business is a prove that you are already a winner.

One of the things you should do for your business to get sponsorship, grants or donations

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