3 Things to not Pay Attention About Yourself

There are things about yourself that you should not pay attention to at all. This is because they are things that you don’t like them and you cannot change or remove them from you. These things can be seen as weaknesses because of how they don’t fit in your life either in physical or abstract. The best thing to do about such things is to leave them be and concentrate on making yourself comfortable with who you are. This post talks about such things to put aside.


Those things that you are not GOOD at despite your efforts to improve in them.

If there is something you have used a lot of time trying to learn or understand and it is not because you are not paying attention and it is not because you are not applying the right steps and tools, the best thing is to shift your focus to what you are good at doing and understanding. In the case where something is giving you difficulty, there is another thing that you do with so much ease and that is what you should pay attention to.


Those things you cannot do either with your body, senses or mind.

When there is something you cannot do as a result of something known or unknown to you just leave it be. For example, you cannot pronounce letter R, you cannot make use of a part of your body etc. Let me tell you my story maybe it could make you see reasons why you should leave those things alone. I am visually impaired, completely blind in my left eye and poor partially sighted in my right eye. I learned how to live my life without physical sight because I was made to understand that currently there is nothing more to do that was not done to regain my sight. At first, it was not easy to let go but if I had not moved on and stopped paying attention to the problem, I would not have become who I am today. Forget about the situation that you cannot solve.


Those things that people tell you or you hear that they don’t LIKE about you.

There are some set of people who criticise and outline unreasonable standards for others. When you know that you are not interfering, breaking rules, oppressing or doing something bad, pay no attention to bad critics. There used to be time when I explained myself to everybody who had a misconception about me but I later got to understand that there is no way that I can please everybody. Therefore, exhaust my time in productivity not pleasing anyone unwarted.


To wrap up, some things will remain the way they are either we like it or not. Some things are beyond our control and power. And if we insist on addressing them, we will only hurt ourselves the more. Let’s accept and embrace our capabilities not limitations. Our destinies are not with situations causing us problems rather with situations enhancing us.

3 Things to not Pay Attention About Yourself

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