4 Causes of Youth’s Unemployment

A lot of reasons are responsible for youth’s unemployment but we only focused on you so that thereasons discussed here canhelp you combat unemployment on your own. Moreover, as long as you can deal with the internal causes of unemployment which are discussed in this guide, external causes like corruption cannot stop you in any way. Just cock your gun so that you can pull the trigger at any causes you find around you. Ready? Let’s go.



The world we live in is always changing, the change happens rapidly and it impacts negativity on employment. Let’s take Nigeria for example, the 20th century was the beginning of formal education and employment. Back in those days a person does the kind of work his family do e.g. farming, fishing, blacksmithing etc. then, no one is jobless because he is engaged with his family’s occupation right from childhood. Gradually established institutions begun to employ people which made them to totally leave their inherited occupations and even moved to cities. Then you need little education to get employed and some were even employed before they attended schools. You can see that the process and requirements of employment of those days is not the same as today and the processes keep changing and the failure to keep up with the fast pace of these changes is one of the reasons why many youths are unemployed today.



Another thing to look at is our population. Our demography has skyrocketed and has made securing a job very competitive. In this post, population refers to the number of higher education certificate holders only. Each year about six hundred thousand students graduate from various institutions in Nigeria and the same huge number are also graduating around the world. Thus, you should have it in mind that thousands are looking forward to getting that job you are aspiring for.So, in order for you to get it you must be intentional. Let your mind not go to graduating with first class result because you need more than a first-class result and why? Early 2018, the former Chairman of Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Mr. Tunde Fowler said 700,000 graduates applied for 500 advertised position in the FIRS, with 2,000 of the applicants holding first-class degrees! Now can you see reasons why you need to do more in this time of over population.



Random job applications is another reason why a lot are unemployed today. Whenever there is a job opening you would wonder at the number of applicants. There would be difficulty in getting a job if you keep fluttering from one organization to another. Target a particular place and make yourself a prototype of what they are looking for and see if you would remain jobless.



It is undeniable that some youths today depend only on others to secure jobs for them. Justifying such action with “it is about who you know and not what you know.” It is not that connection does not matter, it does but what to consider is that it makes you dependent and imprisoned. It is not a bad thing to look forward to someone for assistance but what is bad is when you make no effort because you have or know someone whom you think can help you.


These are some of the major causes of youth’s unemployment today. We know and believe that any youth who wants to be out of the constrains of unemployment must act with the knowledge of how our world is on a constant change, how our population is large, how generalist can get nowhere and how dependence can limit growth and productivity.

4 Causes of Youth’s Unemployment

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