4 Leads to Identify Your Potentials

Everybody has potentials; knowing them and learning how to use them for your goal’s achievement is very important. Your potentials can play a big role in your life entirely; they are shown in your everyday life. From the words you say, things you do, what you think, how you think and interpret things reveals your potentials. There are no limits to how many potentials you can possess; the only certain thing is that you have them. Below are questions that will help you identify some of them.


What are those things, capabilities, activities, qualities, characteristics you have that make you STAND OUT/DIFFERENT from others?

For example, if you have a long hair, figure 8, spotless skin you have the potentials for modelling. Or if you have musical, acting or dancing skills you have the potentials for artistry. Another example is if you can cook excellently you have the potential for cooking. Evaluate yourself inside (abstract) and outside (concrete for what makes you standout amidst people.)


What is that thing you LIKE to do with either your body, senses or mind without any DIFFICULTY and you do it EXCELLENTLY?

This is known as hobby e.g. writing, drawing/painting, games etc. For you is no big deal at all but others awed at it.


What are those things that people tell you they LIKE you for?

This can be a charisma which is a potential for politics and leadership. Communication skills which is a potential for marketing, persuasion, teaching. Humour, a potential for entertainment most especially comedy.


What are those subjects that you perform WELL in school? For example, mathematics is a potential for data analysis, statistics.


These are some leads to your potentials with which you can utilise to earn relevance and even make money with them. But you must know that identifying a potential is just one of the things you need to dive into something. For example, if you have charisma and you want to use it for politics, you need to learn and understand people, politics itself, public speaking and a lot more that will make you successful as a politician.

4 Leads to Identify Your Potentials

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