5 Beliefs That Stops Your Progress

There are certain things that are keeping people from moving forward. Some of these things are belief neutral while some solely depend on what a person believes. A person stays at a spot without any obvious progress or success for many years. Sometimes, a person can be immobilised as a result of beliefs believed. We talked about some beliefs that holds a person from making progress in life in this post.


Believe in luck

Agree or not, believe in luck can reduce your rate of achievements. The reason here is that you do less or sometimes nothing hoping that you will get lucky and all of your dreams shall come to pass. It is believing in luck that makes some people addicts of gamble, bugging millionaires, engage in get rich quick schemes etc. This believe makes you to see others who are working hard as fools and when they made it in life you will not remember when they were putting their best at work. Thus, concluding that they made some kind of spiritual sacrifice or a rich man gave them a huge donation. Luck exist but only for those who are taking their time and investing efforts to make progress.


Believe in promises

If you want to make progress always, you should avoid putting all hopes in what people promise to give or do for you. When you hold on to what somebody promised you and put other efforts on hold, there are chances that you may not progress. This is because even if the person really meant the promise made, it is not a guarantee that all things will turnout as expected. When somebody promised you something do not see it as the final stop, keep working until he fulfils it so that you progress even without what you expected from him.


Believe in connection alone

Just like believe in luck, believe in connections alone makes you to limit your efforts to looking for people that can recommend you in the name of favours not your capabilities. If you are doing this, please stop because you are hindering your progress by looking for others to speak for you instead of you doing what will make you salient. There are many youths that I personally had conversations with them and I was disappointed about how they are totally convinced that it is only connections that can make them relevant in the society. They are not completely wrong but what I know is that connection can help you to a little distance but if you make yourself relevant and significant, it is connection that will come looking for you not you looking for connection.


Believe in status quo

Believe that a situation cannot change is another barrier to progress. When you already gave up on something how do you expect it to get better or even change completely? The saying that the only thing constant in life is change is popular and used frequently but when you just say it without believing that change is permanent, the current occurrence hindering your progress will not give way. Even if you don’t believe in miracles, don’t believe that you are in a situation that can’t change because of one reason or the other. Don’t limit or hinder your progress as a result of your current situation.


Believe in failure

Believe that you can’t succeed in something can never allow you to progress because you wouldn’t even give it a try. Or when you try and at first it didn’t turnout the way you expected it, you just give up. There is no failure for those who really mean to succeed in life regardless of the area they are concentrating on. You fail when you accept that you have failed.


So, which one do you believe in? Agree or not, these 5 beliefs are hindrance to progress and success. As you are making your way to the promised land, believe in luck, promises, connection, status quo and failure should not be your companions. We hope to see you at the top!

5 Beliefs That Stops Your Progress

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