5 Reasons Why You Find it Difficult to Have Potential Connections and Networks

It is a great thing when you are surrounded by people who are willing, able and ready to donate money, link you up, and contribute for whatever it is you need them. But the issue here is how and where are such people located at? Why is it difficult for you to access them? Getting connections and network is not something that is easy for everybody for different reasons. This post explains some things that you may be doing that are hindering you from securing a long-lasting networks and connections you need.


Shallow knowledge about your area of work

When you know little about what you are doing or what you want to do, it will be difficult to get any potential help or support. A deep-rooted knowledge will expose you to what (general and specific knowledge), where (the places involved) and how (steps involved) you can achieve success in your endeavours which include securing all the connections, grants, networks etc. you need. Therefore, enrol in the school of your chosen path and learn all that is necessary.


Not decided on what exactly you needed the connection for

There was a time when my friend and I met a very rich man and he asked us about our endeavours. At that time, we had a small poultry farm and were also planning to start farming crops. So, we told him that we had stopped our poultry because we most times don’t get our profit. That we want to get more money to expand before doing it again. We also told him that we have plans of farming. After we were done talking, he said “okay. Good.” When we left there, the woman we went with told us that he may not ask of us again because we presented ourselves to him in an undecided manner. To cut the story short, this man never asked of us again or allow us to see him. When you want to get connected for whatever reason it is, ensure that you bring out the exact thing in a clear manner. Present your proposal as an absolute and single idea and also identify the role you need your connections to play.


Not going to the right people or places

When looking for support, some go to the wrong people or places to get connected because they know somebody there or because they heard someone was assisted there or for other reasons. And by doing so, they ended up getting nothing as they expected. You can go to a place for these two reasons mentioned earlier but they should not be the only reason why you are going there. For example, if you want to come to Prod Minds, come to us with something in line with what we do; something that is of interest to us. This is because we and other places do things within our area of work.


Not knowing what can make you significant in a particular place

There are some who are looking for financial support, connections, networks etc earnestly and are putting a lot of effort into it but one thing they are doing wrong is that they don’t customise themselves according to the requirements of where they are approaching. And a general customisation prevents potential targets from seeing the significance in what is been presented to them. Therefore, who or wherever you need to get connected to, ensure that they will find you relevant and significant.


Not having anything to prove your seriousness

Another reason why securing connection, getting funding or building networks seem an impossible task is that your idea is still an idea. You have not yet start something at all. It is a standard for many people or organisations to see what you have already accomplished before they will attend to you. This may be unfavourable for somebody reading this post but that is the truth. Try hard to see that you have managed on your own or with the help of families and friends to do something before you approach outsiders for support most especially when it comes to financial assistance.


These are some of the most salient reasons why donations, sponsorships, funding, networks, connections etc. keep slipping from their seeker’s hands. Therefore, check if there is one or more of the things explained in this post that is keeping you from getting the attention you need. And if you are free from all of these things mentioned here and still not securing what you have been pursuing, keep trying and don’t give up. Sometimes things don’t follow any particular formula but your desire and determination will surely get you all that you need. I wish you all the best! And hope you return here with great testimonies!

5 Reasons Why You Find it Difficult to Have Potential Connections and Networks

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