5 Things That are Very Harmful to Your Hustle

Many hustlers today are doing everything necessary and legal to build their portfolios and ideas. In the process, there are critical things every hustler needs to take note of and try as much to avoid falling into these paths. Hustling is a part of the endeavours of many youths today and that is why we took time to post some harmful things to take note and stay clear from them as you make your way to the top.


Undocumented and unclear partnerships and collaborations

Many hustlers today are doing everything necessary and legal to build their portfolios and ideas. In the process, they enter into partnerships and collaborations that are not well organised. As a result, ended up losing their hard-earned success to someone else. I happened to know some guys that were partners in business. Last year they went their separate ways and the cofounder claimed the entire enterprise. When I got to know that they had went their separate ways, I got InTouch with them and they both justified their actions. Based on what they said, I understood that they went into partnership without a well-defined roles and responsibilities delegation and this mistake cost them a lot most especially the founder of the business. Therefore, if you must partner or collaborate, ensure you do it well and document it with the signatures of everybody involved. This can prevent tragedies from occurring.


Offering money in exchange for what you need

A hustler should stay clear from always using money to get things done because it is not the only way to go about hustling. You are in the process of making money which means you don’t have enough of it and it is not wise to keep distributing it in return of something most especially when you need people to join your team. Instead of offering or promising money, convince them to join you or support your hustle with something they value e.g. presenting your proposal in line with service to humanity. This way you can secure resources you need without buying them.


Allowing others to use you to their advantage alone.

Be aware of the kind of hustles you venture because some of them are designed to keep you poor and distract you from working on building yourself completely. Most especially some online hustles which consume all of your time doing things that you can’t even include in your CV. It is understood that such hustles bring income and it is okay to do them but be very careful not to do what will only pay you a little money and make millions for the owners. Moreover, hinders you from personal growth and development talk more of securing a financial freedom in the future.


Working or doing things based on assumptions.

There is a saying In Hausa language: rashin sani ya fi dare duhu. What it means is lack of knowledge is darker than night. This saying is very true because knowledge is like a light in the dark that shows what is around. A hustler needs the light of knowledge, facts, relevant companies and companions to establish a well-structured hustle. Work with facts not what you assume or heard from an unverified source. Whatever it is you are or want to do ensure that you work with actual information and the right tools as well as the right steps.


Referring others to another person when he has not proved his integrity to you first.

Referring or advertising people in the name of they are your friends or families could be harmful to your hustle if they are yet to prove themselves worthy of your promotion. They are good and honest people but they need to work hard to build their brands first before you can start promoting them. There are two good reasons why you should let them prove their selves capable first. One, if they are start-ups, as they are struggling on their own to establish what they are doing, the more they will value it when it grows. Two, your name or reputation would not be responsible for damages that could occur. Note, what you should not do for them is referral not support. You can support with advises, guidance, financial assistance but let them grow their networks, connections, customers by their selves or you should be sure that what they do is safe enough for your referrals.


Hustling is not easy. I am speaking from experience but the good news about it is that it has an expiry date. When you invest all your resources into what you do, eventually it will develop and you shall enjoy the fruit of your labour and even extend it to others. Continue the good work but please have these things which are discussed in this post in mind as you journey to your desires. In addition, keep your eyes open at all times so that you can sight other things that could be harmful to your hustle. I wish you all the best! And see you at the top!

5 Things That are Very Harmful to Your Hustle

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