5 Things to Consider Before Messaging a Rich Person on Social Media

Do you message rich people on social media? Or do you have intentions of sending a message to a rich Person via Facebook etc. Well, for whatever reason it is that you want or have sent message to a rich person who doesn’t know you is not what we want to talk about in this post. This post talks about things you should first consider before sending your message and this is for the purpose of predicting if you should expect a response or not. Writing or sending the message is not a difficult task but nonetheless, you would not be happy if your message did not get any attention that is why you need to evaluate some things so that you don’t waste your efforts sending messages that wouldn’t get the desired result. Below are 5 things to have in mind in regards to your message to a rich person.


Some rich people don’t manage their social media accounts.

There are some accounts of rich people that are managed by a third party not the main owners. Such accounts have specific kind of messages they respond to e.g. inquiries, appreciation messages. And it may be difficult to know if the rich person you want to contact manage his account by himself.


Some rich people don’t do social media at all.

There are some rich people that don’t do social media at all. Even though they have verified accounts, they don’t do anything with it talk more of opening and reading their inboxes.


Some rich people do less of social media.

As a result of rich people’s busy schedules, they use little time to do social media. And this reduces their tendencies of reading their messages on time or reading them at all.


Some rich people only read messages of contacts they know.

There are some people in general not just the rich who only read messages from contacts they recognise. And this act of reading messages of just the people you know is for different reasons.


Some rich people can’t read their messages because they receive hundreds of them daily.

Just as you thought social media as a means to connect with rich people, that is how many others thought as well. And as a result, made some rich people’s social media inboxes a traffic of messages. Thus, making them to ignore all messages they received.


These are some of the things you should consider before or when you send message to that rich man you want to contact. Now, the choice is yours if you want to go ahead to press the send button. You should note that in the pursuit of your dreams, no effort is a waste therefore, don’t backout because of these reasons. Our next post teaches you how and in what format you should send your message to a rich person. I wish you all the best!

5 Things to Consider Before Messaging a Rich Person on Social Media

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