5 Ways to Know if You Can Get the Job You Desire

Right from childhood we have dreams of working or doing a certain kind of work and we grew up with the hope that our heart desire will come to pass. We talk and behave like how we see ourselves in the future working in that particular job. But how can you tell if you are really taking the right approach towards achieving this dream of yours? What is it that you are currently doing that guarantees you that your future job awaits you at the gate of your tomorrow? Read on as this post journeys you through 5 ways that will reveal to you your chances of working or doing that thing you imagine yourself doing.


The kind of work you want to do

The first step to know if you can get the job you are dreaming of is distinguishing what kind of a work is it. Do you have a specific kind of work you want to do? Bring out what exactly it is you would do and specify the exact kind of work you want e.g. nursing patients, flying planes, teaching students, managing an organisation etc.


The name of the place where you want to work

You have a what and you need a where. There must be a place that you will execute your work so, where is the place? After specifying the job, select one particular place where you will do the work e.g. Coca-Cola, Prod Minds, CNN, Google etc.


The reason why you want the work and also the reason why you choose where you chose

What is your motive or in other words, why do you want to do the work and why that very place? You need to have a motive and a strong one so that you will do what is required of you properly.


Your employability

Why would that ministry, agency, company, industry etc. employ you? Bring out your potentials and chances that increase your employability in this place you want. What is it that you have that makes you outstanding and irresistible candidate for this work?


There recruitment processes

Do you know the process and the requirements of their recruitment and can you skill-up yourself 100% and even more to meet their recruitment requirements?When you want to be rest assured that you can get to your dream job, you need to know how the organisation you desire do their recruitment. You should know if it is annually, categorically, etc. and also know the steps involved, the academic, working experience requirements etc. This way you can know when and how to make your own moves towards joining them.


These are 5 ways that leads to knowing if you stand a chance of getting into your dream job as they indirectly journey you through some research and planning process. When you have a specific place marked, have a strong motive, potentials and work towards getting that job, you shall get it. Therefore, it’s now left for you to make the pursuit. I wish you all the best!

5 Ways to Know if You Can Get the Job You Desire

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