6 Things to Avoid When Making Money and Building Wealth

The journey of making money and building wealth comprises of many junctions, turns and roundabouts. As an adventurer looking forward to acquiring wealth, as you progress, there are certain things you should take note of them and try all you can to avoid because they can be detrimental to the achievement of your goal. The millionaires we know today are enjoying their money, reputation and businesses because they paid attention in order to avoid these things while building wealth. There are 6 of these things to avoid as you make money and build wealth in this post which will if adhered to, help you a lot.


Waste another person’s money.

When I got admission into the university in 2018, I got to know this epitome of kindness who became more like a sister to me. We share ideas and strategize plans of how to achieve our goals but she made a mistake and it cost her a lot. My sister, helper, friend and I got separated because she wasted my money in the process of making her own money. Not just my money alone but along with other people’s too. What happened was we joined her online contribution programme and after we had sent money for months, she stopped responding to our messages or picking our calls. I lost a friend and a sister along with my money and she has lost her reputation. It is sad; I wished she at least explained what happened because I know it was not intentional. She is trying to make money but the mistake she made was not having any backup elsewhere. Now, if you are thinking or are into such street, turn back because it is not safe for you. You should try to avoid what will make you hold another person’s money if you have no means of returning back to the owner when you lose it. However, if you are sure that you cannot lose another person’s money, you can carry on. It is doable because there are people who does business with other people’s money and they share the profit every month and are doing it successfully. But the thing is that they have twice of the amount they collect from others. Therefore, for example, if you want to hold someone else’s money like 1k, ensure that you have 2k safe somewhere to save your relationships, reputation and clients.


Random businesses.

The journey of making money and building wealth is indeed an adventure but at the same time it is not an undirected journey. Almost all of the self-made millionaires we have today are professionals at what they do. And if you flip through their history you will get to know that they concentrated on one or a very few areas of business. The secret here is that the more time you invest doing something, the more you become better at it. But when you separate your concentration doing or switching between businesses, your time shall go and you could make some money but not a lot as you desire or to even talk of gathering wealth.


Copying others.

It is that which you are passionate about and you have no difficulty understanding the rules guiding it that you should do. Do not spoil your millionaire pursuit with copy and paste. It is not that you cannot copy someone’s way of doing things, what you shouldn’t is do something simply because someone does it and is making it big. People are successful in all of the various sectors available either in science, arts, technology etc. it is not only what you see a neighbour doing that could be successful alone. Go for whatever thing it is that your heart desires if you are sure that you are not doing it because Mr banana is doing the same. What made him rich could make you poor.


Illegal businesses.

I know you don’t just like it when you see rich people coming out in public, enjoying their money and sharing it with others freely without any fear. I know you don’t just like it, you love it and you also want to have that kind of liberty when you make your money. I want it for you too that is why you must not engage in anything illegal. Even if you succeed in making a lot of money and become very wealthy, you would be wasting most of your time and resources trying to make sure you are not exposed and caught. The aim is to have wealth and let the world know about it. So, nothing illegal.


Begging people to work with you.

At the start of your money making, you need others to also work with you and the best thing is to look for likeminded that you don’t need to beg them to do something when the need arises. Begging people to work with you is not good for your wealth journey because they can frustrate you and lead you to many follies. There are a lot of people who started volunteering with us that are not here anymore and at the same time there are others who were with us from the start till date. Those who are no longer with us, we appreciate what they did for us while they worked with us but we never begged anybody to stay because we understood that their season with us had passed. And the thing is that these people are not bad or they left because they wanted the initiative to die, no, they left for different reasons and we understood. So, what we advise here is that you should have as much volunteers as you can and never reject anybody that offered to join you without any reason.


Undocumented and unclear collaborations and partnerships.

How would it sound to your ears or feel in your heart that the money you took time acquiring is claimed by someone else? When you thought that you have accomplished your dreams of becoming a wealthy person some undeserving element shows up and declare himself the owner of your sweat. God forbid. Amen! It is happening, it even happened to someone I know although he is not yet a millionaire. His colleague stole his organisation and made himself the founder and CEO. You must be careful of who you enter into partnership and collaboration with and ensure that you have a clear understanding of where you both stand in whatever agreement you have. In addition, it should be documented with both of your signatures. Do not be excited about getting a partner alone, analyse your role and their own as well even if you are siblings, besties, married etc.


To wrap up, do not see making money as something difficult, you can make money with ease. Just focus on educating yourself as you journey. Remember, don’t waste other people’s money, no random businesses, no illegal engagements, no copy-copy, no begging for workers and no undocumented and unclear collaborations. See you at the top! Cheers!

6 Things to Avoid When Making Money and Building Wealth

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