8 Knowledge That are Requirements for Riches and Influence

Achieving success happens through a combination of different efforts. To become successful and attain greatness you need to be able to see through the world we live in. An integration of knowledge can make you successful, rich and influential because things done with knowledge are not likely to disappoint as a result of their accuracy. This post talks about 8 areas of knowledge you need to educate yourself so as to aid your journey of achieving your goal, getting rich and attaining relevance in the society.



Grammar is a set of rules for language, the system of rules by which words are formed and put together in either speech or writing. Correct grammar helps you to communicate your exact message to your audience and it gives you a comfortable space among the elites. Have you ever come across a relevant person in your society that speaks or write in any language without a proper grammar? You may have some Mother Tongue Influence in your speech but that cannot prevent you from presenting a correct grammar. You want to be relevant in your society or even the world at large, then if you must communicate in a particular language, do it grammatically correct.


Behavioural consciousness

Behavioural consciousness is the alertness of how a person act and react to things. Observe the successful people around you to see how they compose their selves base on the current situation. You will notice that almost all of them have a calm and relaxed way of doing things. This is because they are highly conscious of how they behave. Things involved in behavioural consciousness include: confidence, voice control, body movements, facial expressions, courtesies etc. Note, behavioural consciousness is not arrogance, rudeness or pompousness.



Sociology is the study of society, the origin, development, and structure of human societies and the behaviour of individual people and groups in society. You should understand your society. The knowledge of the people around you would give you meaning of why some things are the way they are. This knowledge can prevent you from doing guess work and wrong conception about societal issues thus, aiding you to approach things in a clear light which will give you relevance in your pursuit.



Psychology is the study of human mind, the scientific study of the human mind and mental states, and of human and animal behaviour. A person looking for relevance, aiming to be heard and taken seriously needs psychology because it is the knowledge that teaches you how to understand individuals and when you understand people, you can time when and how to approach them.



Geography is the study of Earth’s physical features, all the physical features of the Earth’s surface, including its climate and the distribution of plant, animal, and human life. Even if you would not concentrate on all the areas geography covers, at least know the continents, their countries as well as their geographical locations.



Information technology is the processing of data via computer,it is the use of technologies from computing, electronics, and telecommunications to process and distribute information in digital and other forms. Technology is the trend of today’s world and you need to be updated with at least the basics of what it offers in order for your pursuit of relevance to be achieved. Having an up-to-date knowledge of information technology will enhance you and increase your efficiency beyond measures. Even if concentrating on all aspect of IT seem immense for you, you should know how to use at least the internet and Microsoft apps EFFICIENTLY.



History is the study of past events, the past events of a period in time or in the life or development of a people, an institution, or a place. At least you should know some notable histories of your nation and other developed countries as well as the place you are establishing yourself.


Current Affairs

Current affairs are important political and social events or issues of the present time. Know the things happening in the society and government of your nation as well as other countries most especially the developed ones.


That is it for this list but you should know that knowledge has no full stop. The journey of becoming successful in whatever you are pursuing needs a constant and vast self-education, consistency, determination, diligence and progress evaluation. Therefore, keep pushing, you shall get there.

8 Knowledge That are Requirements for Riches and Influence

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