How to Message a Rich Person on Social Media

Rich people live on the same planet as other people and just like you and I, they also live a social life both online and offline. This means that they can be contacted and associate with them. But the thing here is how? How do you get in touch and even get a response from them? In what format should you reach out? How do you get their attention and make them respond to you? The answer to these questions is not easy because people are different and what works for somebody may not work for another person. However, this post guides you on how to compose a meaningful and standard message to that rich person you have in mind. But before then, you may like to read our previous post which talks about 5 Things to Consider Before Messaging a Rich Person on Social Media


  1. Introduce yourself

Even if it is not included here, you know that you shouldn’t send a message to somebody that don’t know you without hinting a little about who you are. Therefore, when composing your message, ensure you include a brief but enough introduction of yourself. You can insert this either at the beginning or the end of your message. And because your introduction about yourself should be brief, you must not state everything about you. Tailored it to what can make you interesting to who you are messaging. For example, you want to message the CEO Prod Minds Empowerment Initiative, forget about telling her other things about you that doesn’t involve empowerment either for you or for others.


  1. Go straight to the point

When messaging somebody for a serious reason, even if the person is not rich, don’t make the mistake of chatting. What I mean here is don’t slide into a DM and just send “hi” or “hello” and wait for response before you say what you intend to say. When you have something to say, go ahead. The reason is that this person you are messaging is not your friend that you expect a reply to your chat. And in addition, he doesn’t have all the time in the world to read a long essay. Therefore, avoid long stories. Tell the purpose of writing to him and finish with what you want or the role needed for him to play in regards to you contacting him.


  1. Avoid emojis

Your message shouldn’t contain emojis because people interpret things differently. The meaning of emojis, symbols, objects is arbitrary sometimes which could give the receiver of your message what you didn’t intend. And another reason why you should avoid them is that this message you are sending is in a form of a formal letter.


  1. Avoid abbreviations

Avoid any form of writing that would present you as unserious or unlettered. Employ a correct grammar from the beginning to the end of your writing. Use proper spellings, insert necessary punctuations, organise your sentences etc. Write just as you would in an examination.


  1. Avoid threats

Threats or any kind of pitiful messages to a rich person can’t help you achieve your goal. It is strongly advised that you do away with such. This rich person you want to message has the right to respond or ignore your proposal or whatever it is you write to him for. But usually, when you send a message that interest somebody, he surely will reply. Therefore, focus on sending something meaningful and interesting instead of posing threats.


  1. Avoid subjectivity

Make a serious research in order to ensure that there are no mistakes in the message you want to send. Analyse your text and put yourself in the shoes of the person you are sending it to and see if you have composed something worth responding. This is because when your message contains incorrect calculations or things that are only true to you, they could be a reason why you wouldn’t be taken seriously. All that you need to present should be facts and are well calculated before you press the send button.


Here you go; how to structure your message for a rich person. And as we are all here to learn from each other, you can leave a comment on more ways to message a rich person. Pleas kindly share with your prospective millionaire’s contacts. I wish you all the best!


How to Message a Rich Person on Social Media

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