About Us

Prod Minds Concept is a platform aimed at minimizing the rate of joblessness among the youths through career, skills development and provision of deployable opportunities to maintain standard living.

Our Values

  • Entrepreneur mindset
  • Diligence
  • Capacity building.

Our Mission

Eradicating unemployment or idleness among the educated youths through the provision of deployable information and opportunities to ensure standard living.

Meet The Founder

Samaila Saratu Hamidu the founder of PROD MIND’S CONCEPT and author of GOODBYE UNEMPLOYMENT is a determined, goal-oriented young lady. Living above her challenge of visual impairment, Saratu has demonstrated her passion for socio-economic growth by devising a platform like this which educates, skills, empowers youths to be more than what they dreamed to become.

Meet The Co-Founder

Olagoke Blessing Adelani

Olagoke Blessing Adelani the co-founder of Prod Mind’s Concept is a practical, strong willed man who believes in creativity, innovation and empowerment. Having the dream of making people’s lives better is the motivation that made him co-founded this platform. He has always made sure that he made a difference wherever he went as he is set to leave a remarkable deed. He is also the founder of KINGOLA WORLD

About The Book

GOODBYE TO UNEMPLOYMENT is a must-read career guide book because it covers every topic related to career planning and development. The eBook contains the very information needed to set a solid foundation for all career path. No long stories, no beating around the bush. The eBook is more of a detailed summary and it was written with a very simple English that is understandable for everyone. GOODBYE UNEMPLOYMENT is a powerful guide to employment for all irrespective of one’s stage in life.

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