Achieving business success

12 Important Questions to Answer Before Starting a Business

As you are in the preparations to go into business, you need to take time and research deeply about the kind of business you want to start and for this reason we believe you are here reading this post. Thus, we selected these 12 questions you should answer so that your research can be a […]

One of the things you should do for your business to get sponsorship, grants or donations

Funding a business is one of the challenges of small businesses and start-ups that is why we should look for ways to attract the government and potential sponsors to help out. But how? In this episode you will know one of the ways you can convince somebody to finance your business. You can also check […]

2 Things that can help you manage your money properly

Money management is necessary to run a smooth business. It helps you track where your money went to and how you can plan on things that involve money in your business. Moreover, money management can help you run your finances at large not only the money in your business.   This is the most interesting […]

5 Ways to Distinguish and Make Your Product (what you sell) Unique

Today’s market is where there are a lot of products which leaves a buyer with so many options to select from. As a result, products that are not made unique have a low tendency of getting noticed or even purchased in the market. This post talks about 5 ways you can make what you sell […]

2 things You Must Take Care of to Stay in Business

Have you come across somebody who started a big business and before you know it everything disappearedand it became as if nothing ever started at all? Doing business is not an issue but staying in business could be an issue when you don’t pay attention or take care of these 2 things which is discussed […]

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